The ultimate winter jumper! These little beauties are one of a kind. Handcrafted in Peru using Alpaca fibre, one of the finest fibres in the world, not only do they feel gorgeous but the look pretty cool too! Severn times stronger and three times thicker than merino wool. The fibre contains microscopic air pockets that contribute to the creation of lightweight apparel with very high insulation value. Alpaca is silky against the skin and heavenly smooth to the touch. Perfect for lounging around on a crisp winters day, even you’ll be jealous of the little pooch!

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Alquo Wasi has been listed as a favourite find and featured in many top style magazines. Their Peruvian Alpaca sweaters are hand crafted to order in the Andean region by artisans using ancestral techniques to create one of a kind pieces. Alpaca wool has many great properties including being hypoallergenic and lanolin free; it does not absorb or retain moisture and it often wearable for those people who are allergic to wool.

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Finest Alpaca fibre, silky soft, Hypoallergenic, 7 times stronger and 3 times thicker than merino wool, Lightweight yet high insulation value, Handmade in Peru


White & Navy Nordic


Coat sizes are measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Girth is measured at the widest point of the chest. Please double check measurement before ordering to ensure a perfect fit. Any questions, give us a shout!