The Natural Look

Stuff you shouldn’t miss this season. Check out this natural¬†rope collar and lead set. Made from marine grade rope and solid brass fittings, they not only look great but are built to last.


Handmade in Brooklyn from marine grade rope and solid brass fittings these awesome leads are not only built to last but are multifunctional too. They have two clips and loops which means you can adjust the length, tie your dog up or clip the lead round your waist / over your shoulder leaving you hands free.

Inspired by fishermen, the rope is handmade by professional New England rope-makers and hand-sliced to withstand thousands of pounds of pull. The ends are whipped for additional durability. They are U.V. resistant, marine grade, weather resistant, and hand or machine washable.

A favourite amongst celebs & fashionistas, Found My Animal has been featured in many magazines including Elle & The New York Times.